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  • This is a summary overview of a February 17, 2024 seminar I attended at Cornerstone Community Church in Ames, Iowa entitled “Four Challenges Facing the Western Church in America, given by Trevin Wax.  Trevin is Vice President of Research and…

  • Photograph: Iowa State Daily, May 6, 1970 In the fall of 1970, I came to Iowa State as a freshman. Just a few months earlier there had been massive anti-war protests. At that time, Highway 30 still ran through Lincoln…

  • Recently I was encouraged to consider voting for Dr. Cornel West for president.  After looking him up online, I learned that he considers himself a Christian and a “non-Marxist socialist,” since he does not view Marxism and Christianity as compatible. …

  • Here’s a very instructive debate fairly calmly argued with mutual respect. My take is that James White doesn’t really understand Molinism and doesn’t stick to the subject–which perspective best explains the existence of evil.

  • Looking for purpose and fulfillment in all the wrong places, I turned to God, reconsidered Jesus, and my life was radically changed.

  • I’d like to address a common accusation against the God of the Bible—that He is moral monster because He commanded the Israelites to commit genocide.

  • I present seven Biblical truths about the ultimate destiny of those who reject God. Then I examine seven challenges to the idea that hell is eternal.

  • Unlike most men’s retreats, which emphasize Bible teaching in a classroom-like setting, Edge Venture incorporates processes that connect men with their emotions and hearts. But is this approach biblical?

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