Random Origin of Life is Impossible

This drawing depicts the interior of a plant cell.  The green structures are chloroplasts. Continue reading

The Doctrine of Hell

David Bovenmyer
© Great Commission Churches, 2002, 2007, used by permission

A passage from Dante’s Inferno

On either hand a wide plain stretched, to show

A sight of torment, and most dismal woe.

At Arles, where the stagnant Rhone extends,

Or Pola, where the gulf Quarnero bends,

As with old tombs the plains are ridged, so here,

All sides, did rows of countless tombs appear,

But in more bitter a guise, for everywhere

Shone flames, that moved among them.

Every tomb

Stood open, white with heat. No craft requires

More heated metal than the crawling fires

Made hot the sides of those sad sepulchres; Continue reading

Creation and the Genesis Account

David Bovenmyer

© 2007 Great Commission Churches, used by permission

Our newspapers and magazines frequently report on a battle that is occurring in the classrooms and courtrooms of our country. In years past, the battle concerned whether naturalistic evolution alone should be taught in our schools or whether the Biblical view of origins should be allowed. Recently, the battle has morphed into a battle between naturalistic evolution and intelligent design—essentially a battle between naturalism (nature is all that exists) and theism (a creator God exists). Continue reading