The Bible and Psychology, Sociology, Science, and Business principles

Pastor Dave Bovenmyer, Ames, Iowa

© Great Commission Churches, 1999, 2007, Used by permission

As Christians, we wholeheartedly believe that the Bible is the Word of God and is the source of truth. But this leads to a number of questions: “What role do the sciences play in us understanding truth? How much can we learn from those who have studied psychology and sociology? What about applying business principles in the church?” These and other questions are addressed by Dave Bovenmyer in the following article. Continue reading

Counseling and the Local Church

Counseling and the Church

Pastor Dave Bovenmyer, Stonebrook Community Church, Ames, Iowa

© Great Commission Churches, 2004, 2007, used by permission

Recently, I was involved in a conversation where a fellow-pastor expressed concern about how many people in his church were going for counseling.  People were taking issues that he felt could and should be addressed within the church to a counselor—issues like struggles within marriage or with the kids, or with anxiety or discouragement.   He questioned whether this was really good.  Should our people be running off to counselors for issues that we can and ought to be addressing?  It seems that psychiatric counseling has gained so great an acceptance in our culture that even within the church many people’s first impulse when confronted with a difficult problem is to seek a counselor rather than a pastor or other church leader.  Gradually, psychologists have replaced the clergy as the experts in how to change human behavior. Continue reading

Counseling and the Early Church

What is counseling? For the purpose of this summary, I am considering counseling a subset of shepherding.  The Greek word translated “pastor” (ποιμήν) is the common word for “shepherd.”  Continue reading

Self Esteem

To esteem means regard with respect, prize. One of its synonyms is “value.”

When thinking about esteem, we should ask ourselves the questions, “Prized, esteemed, valued by whom?”  Continue reading

Should We Love Ourselves?

If you love someone, do you want them to take care of themselves?  Of course you do.  Every parent does.  God is our Father, loves us, and wants us to care for ourselves. Continue reading