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  • These are my observations on Romans 9 as presented at a seminar in June 2010.

  • Romans 7:14-25 refer to a man attempting to serve God under the law of Moses (Torah), not to a man under grace and serving in the “way of the Spirit.”

  • My thoughts on the way that Paul uses the word “flesh” as used by Paul in Galatians 5, 1 Corinthians 3, Romans 7 and a few other places.

  • Faith, whether chosen or determined, is not a work that earns salvation. In either case, salvation is a free gift of God’s mercy and grace.

  • Many years ago, while speaking at a couples conference, my friend and comrade Brent Knox talked about the biggest mistake that men make in marriage–we are too passive.  We tend to procrastinate, avoid, shirk our responsibilities, and revert to being…

  • This small booklet looks at the gift of tongues in the Bible and examines its nature and purpose. TONGUES

  • The impossibility of proteins forming by chance in our universe is the little-talked-about Achilles heel of the idea that life arose by random processes. The emperor has no clothes, folks! There is, indeed, intelligence in life and there is, indeed,…

  • © 2007 Great Commission Churches Pastor David Bovenmyer, Ames, IA 1. What is a church judgment? A church judgment is what has often been called “church discipline.” According to Webster’s, the word “discipline” refers to training that develops self-control, character,…

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