Renew Ministry

Finding freedom for the soul

Renew Ministry brings transformation to the hearts of those who are troubled in soul or stuck on their journey toward godliness. The Renew process uncovers and resolves inner conflict and unburdens hearts weighed down by faulty thinking.

Renewing the mind and heart

Through Renew Ministry your love for God and relationships with others are enhanced as God transforms you from the inside out.

What Renew Ministry Is:

  • Christ, gospel, and prayer centered
  • A focused look at emotions and inner
  • Focused on changing false core beliefs
  • Helpful in resolving trauma and childhood
  • Effective in overcoming addictions and
    other harmful coping strategies
  • Helpful in processing grief and loss
  • Curious, Creative, and Compassionate
  • Grace filled, accepting and respectful
  • Confidential

What Renew Ministry is Not:

  • Shaming or lecturing to improve
  • Fruitless introspection
  • Pathologizing through labeling
  • Focused on self-esteem, but on God
  • Hypnosis, regression therapy, or guided
  • Receiving visions or new revelations
  • The only or best approach to spiritual
  • A substitute for the spiritual disciplines
  • A quick, easy, or painless way of resolving

Renew Ministry’s undergirding principles are thoroughly Biblical. Soul healing comes as our hearts deeply grasp who God is and who we are in relation to His love and purposes.

Learn how Renew Ministry can help you

Explore what Renew has to offer through its free video course consisting of 27 ten to twenty minute videos explaining the principles, processes, and Biblical grounding of Renew Ministry